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Joe Conlon

Town Square Television
Engineering Manager
Inver Grove Heights, MN

Joe Conlon first got involved with Town Square Television while in high school, his first production was the 1988 South St Paul High School Graduation.  Over that time he has been a Town Square Television volunteer, producer, board member, cable commissioner and staff member. After high school Joe went on to the University of St Thomas in St. Paul, MN to study Communications with an emphasis in Telecommunications.  In 1997 Joe was hired by Town Square Television as a full time technician, to perform the equipment maintenance, replacement and installation of studio, portable, city hall, master control and production truck.  Aside from his equipment duties, Joe oversees the Master Control area that programs seven channels that facilitate over 400 Live events each year.  He is involved in event coverage as both a staff member and a volunteer.  Annually Joe is directly involved in coverage of over 50 events from technical work to producer.   Outside of his “Daytime” employment, Joe is an active member of SBE (Society of Broadcast Engineers), assists other PEG studios plan for equipment replacement.  As a father of an 8th and 6th grader, Joe volunteers his time to cover school concerts; not with just 1 camera and camera microphone.  He goes the extra step to recruit and train parent and student volunteers to crew the video coverage with up to 7 cameras and production truck Live on cable and the web.