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Al Williams

Northampton Open Media
Executive Director
Northampton, MA
P. Al Williams works at the intersection of community, art, and technology as Executive Director of Northampton Community Television - www.northamptontv.org - a forward-seeking community media organization whose projects include Paradise CIty Press, a community journalism and storytelling project; co-founding the Public VR Lab, an all new collaborative for public virtual reality literacy, production and the commons; Crowdsourced Cinema, in which prominent feature films are remade through community resourcing; and others like Minecraft Northampton and the Northampton Film Festival.Al values play, results oriented approaches, educated agility, and mistake as opportunity. He sees meaning and understanding not as a passive process of deciphering but an active expression-towards co-active creation. In addition, Al is a visual artist who loves new mediums in story-crafting. Al loves beets.
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