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John Kelly

Trempealeau County Community TV
Studio Coordinator
Whitehall, WI
Trempealeau County Community TV was established in the late 1970's and early 1980's with the help of a Kellog grant to bring closed circuit communication to rural school districts.
The Kellog grant allowed for local communication Cooperative, (WCC at the time) to connect school districts via closed circuit channel for distance learning. The Trempealeau County Court House was included in the circuit and with assistance from the grant bought the makings for a TV station and studio.
I was hired by the county as studio coordinator in 2012. My background includes work with network affiliates CBS, FOX, and ABC, I also spent four years with Public Television station, KEET-TV, in Eureka, California. During my time with KEET I finished by bachelors in Journalism from Humboldt State University. It was at KEET-TV I first learned about the role of community television from Access Humboldt, the access station in Eureka, CA.
Access television or media, is important to me because it truly is the voice of the people. Given the opportunity community members will reach out to their neighbors to deliver important messages and share their values. Public access media provides this avenue. Community participation whether it’s during local elections or for a town festival bring a quality of life to residents that is evident by striving schools, active main streets and well-kept and attended parks.